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Thread: NewB nuff said

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    NewB nuff said
    this one will be it lol

    anyways hi guys name is john and ima PC owner PLANNING on switching to a mac. Im a Music Biz major so its ideal because Apple is the standard for the industry

    i will let you all know right now

    im not a fan. and i wont be trolling hating on apple but i will need assistance on some of it.

    but first i have to get it.. im planning on buying a unibody Pro.. because the macbook.. eh.. the pro is POW.. and i like things that go POW

    anyways hi guys and look forward to chatting with all of you!

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    NewB nuff said
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    Welcome to the Forum. Meantime have a squizz at this.

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    NewB nuff said
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    [QUOTE=jomiv;1058818im planning on buying a unibody Pro..[/QUOTE]

    ...which makes you a NewB 2B !!!

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    Or a NewB 43 in decimal, because a hexidecimal 2B converts to a decimal 43. That's one decimal 11 plus two decimal 16s. So I'm guessing our new friend is younger than 2B and certainly 2B or not 2B.
    Quote Originally Posted by toMACsh View Post
    ...which makes you a NewB 2B !!!

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