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    How Do You Import Favorites Into Safari?

    on another forum, we are discussing this. it's one of the reasons a few of us have never really given safari a chance.

    for me, i do import bookmarks > firefox > etc, but never get to a place where i can select "import"

    what am i doing wrong?

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    The best solution is to use Xmarks to sync bookmarks across browsers.

    I use Firefox, but on the rare ocaissions I need to use Safari, I know that my bookmarks are the same. It also reults in Firefox bookmarks being synched to my iPhone, iMac, MBP and Windoze laptop.

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    How Do You Import Favorites Into Safari?
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    I exported all my bookmarks from Windows XP IE to a HTML file and then imported them using the import command in Safari. Worked real well. The only thing I really had to do was go to each URL in order to activate the favcon which was lost in the export process.


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