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    aaxa m1 micro projector and mac problem
    For some reason, I can't find software to connect my aaxa m1 micro projector to my macbook... For PC, I was using "UVTool" to directly connect my PC to display on to the projector... I can still use the macbook to upload files directly to my micro projector but I want to use it in place of my monitor when I go over photos with my clients (photography business)....for some reason, I feel really uncomfortable when people stare over my shoulder.

    If anyone can help, that would be AWESOME. If I cant find a software solution to connect via USB I have to call aaxatech to see if I can upgrade to the model with a VGA connection...but its like 60-70 bucks more (not bad, but the projector alone was only 300 and thats almost 1/3 of the price) and I dont want to pay that if there is an easy solution.

    here is the info on the site if it helps anyone. I think UVTool is also on there
    AAXA M1 Micro Projector - LCoS Hand-held Mini Projector - LED Pocket Projector

    oh...and one for @muderface

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    oh...and as this is switchers corner...

    my old craptop and my projector..

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