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    New mac user, tips?
    Hi all, This is the first mac i have touched since my days at school, a good 10-15 years ago.

    I bought a macbook 4.1 2.4ghz with 2gb ram. I bought this for a couple of reasons : I always wanted to try a mac as I used to love them at school, i have recently become a Dj and started some music production with some well respected ableton users.

    Couple of questins really.

    I would like to re formatt as the previous owner hasnt removed much and im not actually sure what comes with mac OS X 10.5.7. Im only looking at having a handful of programs installed.. e,g. ableton, traktor etc.

    I would like to upgrade to snow lepaord. How much is it for the standalone disk etc ? It did not come with any disks. How do i format these things

    Maybe a quick fix ?

    I searched the forums but without any real answers for what i wanted to know,

    Thanks in advance

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    New mac user, tips?
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    The Macbook came with the original disks you'd need to re-install OS X Leopard, the Snow Leopard upgrade CD is $29 and turns out to be a stand-alone installer as well. So you could just grab that and install SL directly on your Macbook and only install what you want/need..


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    New mac user, tips?
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    Quote Originally Posted by alanking View Post
    I searched the forums but without any real answers for what i wanted to know,
    I would like to upgrade to snow lepaord. How much is it for the standalone disk etc ?

    How do i format these things
    Reformatting Macbook Pro
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    New mac user, tips?

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    Slightly harsh, DB.

    Anyway, it sounds like the original poster doesn't have the discs as he bought the MacBook third hand. If you have 10.5.7 installed on the MacBook, then it is perfectly legal for you to go buy the Snow Leopard upgrade disc (which is actually a full install and will work, just not legally, on a machine running Tiger) for $29.

    Upon purchasing this disc (as you would need to have discs to perform any sort of reformatting) you can reformat, and install using Disk Utility, which you would get to by putting the disc in the drive and booting while holding C.

    Hope this helped.

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    Hey thanks or your comments.

    Yeah I thought that was kind of harsh

    I wasn’t aware of the legality involved with this..? Obviously I’m still naive as I’m new

    I will go purchase Snow leopard as we speak: D

    Thanks again, hope to speak to you all soon... once I’m not as much of a Mac noob :p


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