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    Considering getting a mac...
    ...primarily for music producing/recording and I was wondering what models would be recommended. I know almost nothing about macs but I have heard from many sources that they are the best for audio/video related applications. So could I get the cheapest macbook and still be able to run Garage Band and similar programs well or should I go more expensive? I am on a budget however, near a $1000 would probably be my limit. Also, is it recommended buying from a retailer like Best Buy or should I go online? Any advice is appreciated.

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    Well by staying around your budget, then the Macbook would probably be your only option. Unless, you don't need portability then you could look into an iMac.

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    Considering getting a mac...
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    If $1000 is budget, look into getting a good refurbished iMac, unless portability (as said above) is an issue, then a plastic unibody MacBook or (again) a refurbished MacBook. You could also try getting a good discount on a new Mac. Leopard and Snow Leopard are your main targets for music production/recording. GarageBand is more or less consumer (but also still professional) oriented. If you want more to mess around with, professionally, then consider Logic Studio or Logic Express, which by the way, are expensive programs, but they feature a ton of extra's that GarageBand lacks. I would head to your nearest Apple Store- mainly because of the discounts that Best Buy doesn't offer. You can also try the Apple Online Store. Discounts are even better there plus you can get a Mac made to order (basically with preinstalled software and upgraded hardware- price however will be far beyond the budget you mentioned here)
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    Considering getting a mac...
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    $1000 won't get you much. Look for used/refurbished macs. Then you'll have to use Logic Express since I think Logic Studio will break your wallet and so will a lot of other music producing peripherals.

    Try to go for the best you can get for your money, but especially look for more than 2 USB ports and firewire ports.

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    Considering getting a mac...
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    Unless you already have the software and all the other equipment besides the computer, and $1000 is your budget, I wouldn't get a Mac. I'd get a fairly inexpensive Windows 7 PC with 4GB of memory, pick up a nice old CRT monitor at Goodwill, and spend the rest of your money on equipment (there's some great stuff they bundle with Pro Tools LE these days); that stuff's critical. The box you run it on, slightly less so.

    If you *DO* have the rest of the equipment/software (or you have a separate budget set aside for it), I'd squeeze your budget just a tiny bit more and get the entry-level iMac.
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    Considering getting a mac...

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    I bought a white macbook from BestBuy a few months ago and am extremely happy with it. I did, however, upgrade the 2gb ram to 4gb. I can run Adobe CS4 Soundbooth, Premier Pro and Photoshop without a hiccup for sound,video and photo editing so I wouldn't think you would have an issue. I'm with the others though- if you don't need portability, I would go with an entry level iMac for a studio.

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