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    How reliable...

    Hi All,

    I want to get a powerbook soon but keep coming across topics/stories of people having to keep sending thiers back or when it arrives being damaged. I was just wondering if any of you could clarify how likely it is for my powerbook (if i get one) is to die and/or how likely it is to come damaged. I only only ask because if its quite high I might have to consider getting something like a vaio (

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    How reliable...
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    The only way to explain this is, people seem to go here or other places for their problems, rants, complaints, etc. and only rarely to tell us everything went okay. So, I'm sure those people are just a needle in a hay stack, if you compare everything in a big picture. You can never go wrong with Applecare, when it comes to future repairs, but that's up to you, if you want it. As for shipping, both my iBook and my iMac G5 came without any damage to the boxes or the computers.

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    How reliable...

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    If you hang out in a Toyota dealer's service department, you'll see nothing but angry people with Toyotas that won't start, run roughly, Check Engine lights on, etc. You'd think that no Toyota owner ever had a good experience, because everyone there had major problems.

    Nobody ever signs on to a forum like this to say, "I've got a PowerBook, had it for two years now, and it works fine. I've had no problems, and I don't need any help.",1759,1626488,00.asp

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    Hey Technologist,

    Cheers for the reply, was much appreciated. The link was a good read and very insightful. Plus the comment about the Toyota Place was a goon anerlegy (hope that is spelt right). Overall <thumbs up> I'm glad you were able to help me. Bring on the powerbook <rubs hands with glee>

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