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    How can I delete browser history
    ok i on a pc, you can just hit delete to delete something off of say google history..

    how do i do that on a mac laptop?

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    How can I delete browser history
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    What browser are you currently using? In Safari, go to:

    History> Clear History. It should clear all of your history, but not your passwords, cookies and such.
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    thanks, but i also* use firefox... would it be the same there?

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    also i just did that, but it only cleared the site that i have been too, i am looking more for clearing search history

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    How can I delete browser history
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    On Firefox .... Tools --> Clear Private Data and select what you would like to clear. ( Browsing History,.... )
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    Bump [still not answered]

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    How can I delete browser history
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    McBie answered for you. you have to check "saved form and search history" under tools > Clear private data, then click ok

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