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    network / sharing problems
    We just bought a new macbook today. I've been trying to get it to network with my NAS but I'm having some difficulties. I've tried both AFP and SMB shares.

    In both cases the problems look to be the same. I'm able to connect to the NAS and briefly browse the share. It then loses the connection. Once this happens, the networking on the macbook seems to be shot. I'm not able to browse the internet with safari after the failed NAS network attempt. To get things working again I need to reboot the macbook. To this end, using the apple menu to reboot or shutdown does not work, I need to do a hard shutdown.

    I'm using mac os 10.5.6, the nas I'm using is FreeNAS. Since the network on the macbook seems to get pretty screwed up, I would think the problem lies with the mac and not the NAS.

    Hopefully this forum is a good place to start with troubleshooting.


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    network / sharing problems
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    Have you installed the SMC and other firmware updates available? I believe they both had something to do with the network cards on the new macs.
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    Wow, that seems to have mostly worked! I updated the smc firmware and that seems to have solved the freezing issue. The afp sharing is working differently now though. Clicking on "freenas" does bring up any shares. I try to mount the share with afp:// and I get a message that it is unable to mount. I'm able to mount a smb share though, so I don't think it's a permission error. I don't get any errors when I check the console log.


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    One last note, it's entirely possible that afp is not working on my NAS....


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