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    Logitech mouse and Mac OS
    So i recently bought the logitech MX revolution mouse. And it just doesn't feel right. It's not "smooth" as on a PC. It seems a bit choppy. I always overshoot or undershoot, even if I adjust the settings. However on my PC the mouse is as smooth as a whistle.

    Anything I can do? I installed logitech's control center thing, and it still doesn't seem right. Is it just me?

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    Logitech mouse and Mac OS
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    Sounds like 'SteerMouse' will be the go for you. Here is a discussion on this including the link for download.

    Apple - Support - Discussions - Leopard and MX Revolution Mouse ...

    Let's know if this was any help?

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    Logitech mouse and Mac OS
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    Nov 01, 2007
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    This will also do the trick:

    Apple - Downloads - System/Disk Utilities - USB Overdrive

    I removed Logitech's software as it is junk. I tried both, but ended up with SteerMouse because of a bug with USB Overdrive and VMware Fusion

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    Someone told me about steermouse, but I tried it earlier and still, the acceleration is off... I'll try to uninstall logitech software and do a fresh steermouse install. Thanks

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    Logitech mouse and Mac OS

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    I'd recommend SteerMouse as well; fixed my Logitech problems.

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    Logitech mouse and Mac OS
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    Also if you have a cell phone or microwave near your Mac it will throw it off and make it choppy. I do this quite often, put a cell phone right next to your computer and try to use a wireless mouse.

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    I've have been using the MX for almost a year now and have not had any problems. Try downloading the latest software from Logitech:

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