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    New-be sort of question

    OK, I have had a PowerBook for a while. I just also got a Power MAC. I want to move all my files including about 40 GB of music to my Power MAC. When reading the new owners manual I see that there was a step I missed to move all my data.

    So can I can easliy move all my data now?

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    New-be sort of question
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    What step did you exactly miss? You could hook up the mac with a firewire cable or, if more convenient, use your iPod if you have one. Apple has a Document on this: --> basically for Windows Switchers, but you get the picture :-)

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    New-be sort of question
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    I think he missed the step where OSX will automatically transfer all his files when first setting up his computer.

    If your PowerBook has GigaBit ethernet that will be the fastest way. Get an ethernet cable from your local electronics dealer and plug it into both machines. Then make sure file sharing is on (turn it on in system prefs > sharing) and you will be able to connect either by browsing 'network' or making a note of the IP address in the sharing options and entering that in the 'connect to' (apple-k) dialog box on the other computer.
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    just network them and get all the file u need from there...

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