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    Sync itunes library to a folder?
    Im new to the whole mac thing and i've never used iTunes before but it seems as though osx has no good alternatives. Anyway... I keep all of my music on an external FAT32 drive. Is there a way to make it so that itunes will recognize when i've added/removed files on a different OS and add them to the library for me? WMP11 is easy to sync to a folder but i cant figure out how to make itunes do it.

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    Sync itunes library to a folder?
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    Not really.

    iTunes ties you in to its own library, unless you let iTunes solely manage your media, it will not see stuff added from another app and update the itunes library automatically

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    Sync itunes library to a folder?
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    try floola ( if you need an alternate program that lets you just drag and drop. It also lets you import youtube video's kinda neat but I like itunes

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    Sync itunes library to a folder?
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    I hear Songbird is good. It works on Intel Macs.

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