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    PDA Advice

    Hey guys,

    You'll have to forgive me, I'm new to Mac. I've recently got my first MacBook and I'm loving it so far.

    I'm thinking of getting a PDA next. I want the organizer functions, wifi, and the ability to store loads of word / excel documents on it.

    What PDAs do you find work well with a Mac ?

    Cheers for your help,


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    Most Windows Mobile devices work well with OSX using The Missing Sync. As for good devices I used to have an Asus N50 premium a few years ago and found it reliable and was a pretty high spec for the time, also it was a good price. I gave it to my friend and it’s still going strong. If you want to look at a good mobile device with phone features check out the HTC range, up until a few months ago when I got the N95 the HTC tytn was my daily phone and organizer. HP are probably the market leaders in PDA's they have some great devices on offer.
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    PDA Advice
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    I use a Palm Tungsten and it is still going strong after 6 years, but it seems Palm have lost ground in the PDA market, but I think the PalmOS is such a stable one that this is a shame. It is an OS designed for PDAs, whereas I have heard Windows Mobile described as being designed "like taking a car engine and throwing out some bits and hopes it works". That is very harsh, IMO and was a few years ago, so I am sure it is a lot more stable now.

    If you want lots of storage space, then the Palm LifeDrive has a 4GB HD.
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    PDA Advice
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    With everyone running to mobile phone/PDA devices, I think a couple good devices never got the attention they deserved: the Palm TX and the Palm LifeDrive. Both are very good and very capable devices with wifi, bluetooth, an extremely large base of hundreds of programs and expandability with an SD slot and add-on capability for things like GPS. The TX is very slim and light and the Lifedirve is bigger with 4GB of onboard memory.

    If you need a good PDA but don't need a phone, these devices are good. I personally would go with a Palm TX.
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