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Thread: Polished Shoes

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    I think the Czar talked about this right before they shot him. But it still didnt go away. We love our shinny boots!...Ya I do.

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    Polished Shoes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Village Idiot View Post
    Polished shoes are dumb for the military. If you get attacked and need to hide to spring an ambush, your shiny shoes are more likely to give you away than non shiny.
    polished shoes are for garrison only meaning around the post non training. you don't go to the field wearing dress greens and spit shine boots.
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    Polished Shoes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerard12 View Post
    As per my knowledge polishing a shoes is nothing but cleaning the shoes without dust and making it shine...

    That's a chlorofram/patent leather shoe. Once you scuff those, you are screwed.
    I use furniture polish to clean my chlorofram shoes and military dress boots.
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    Polished Shoes
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    I'm guessing if you simply call the institution, they would be happy to tell you their expectations on "shiny shoes". I wear black polished Doc Martens 1925's for work and go over them once a week with black polish and a wax finish "Wonder Balsam". Makes them stompers shine!
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    Polished Shoes
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    Quote Originally Posted by p3ezi(moto) View Post
    polished shoes are for garrison only meaning around the post non training. you don't go to the field wearing dress greens and spit shine boots.
    Hey, you could be attacked anywhere. Look at Rambo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HKphotographer View Post
    I'm going to start studying in a new school in September, and the school requires students to wear a suit with polished shoes. What does 'polished' actually mean? Does it mean glossy? I've asked everyone I know, and no one seemed to know for sure. Hope that someone here can answer my question.
    Some manufacturers like to make money with school children because they need some special shoes for the first day of school - so I recommend to buy shoes from the shop that is supported on the site - 101 boots - that have a lot of good reviews on shoes/boots shops that propose a significant amount of different shoes like bowling, combat, hiking, snow, kids, ladies, fighting, fishing, running shoes!
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