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    Question Adding an Application is Creating Aliases

    I am on a Macbook using Mojave 10.14.2.

    In the past, when I would download an app to my computer, and clicking on the .dmg file, I would get a window that meant I should drag the app icon to my Applications folder. After dragging the icon to the Applications folder, I would see a little status window showing the progress of adding that app.

    For the past several months, after dragging the app icon to Applications, an alias of that app is created. I no longer see a status window as mentioned above. If the app I am installing is an update to an existing app, I would be asked if I want to replace one for the other. I don't see that anymore.

    If I delete the alias, and the downloaded app was an update, my update is gone. Next to the Alias folder in Finder it says Alias under Kind. I thought the Alias was just a bookmark of sorts, for the original program or file.

    Why has the process of adding of apps to my computer changed? It's very confusing, and I would like it to be simple, as before.

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    After opening the DMG are you actually dragging the application icon to the Application folder alias within that window?

    For example, here you would drag the Chrome app icon to the Applications folder alias directly beneath it. You should see a green circle with a plus sign appear as you hover the Chome icon over the folder alias, which indicates that it is going to copy the application to the Applications folder:

    If this is not how you're doing it, try that and see if that works. If you were, and it's still creating an alias, try holding down the OPTION key while dragging the app's icon.

    And, yes, an "alias" is to macOS what a "shortcut" is to Windows.
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    Adding an Application is Creating Aliases
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    Sometimes when you open the downloaded file, it puts a folder in the Downloads folder. Maybe you can move that folder to your Applications folder?
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