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    Public apology

    I just wanted to apologise for all the hassle I gave the staff, especialy when I impersonated members and staff, and all the accounts I have created. I was pushing buttons, see how far I could get away with it. I felt particularly bad after reading the announcement pigoo3 made abot me in the earlier about the problems I was causing. I left because I realized I wasn't welcome here. I guess I was doing it cos I'd already been banned so felt I had nothing to lose. I wanted to appologize to the staff as well as the members for attacking the boards with spam and creating work for thr staff with the impersonations.

    I have since decided to stop this nonsense and do not play games anymore. Once again I apologize to all the members and its staff, especially chscag and pigoo3. I know you spent a lot of time cleaning up my mess.

    I also wanna apologize to slydude for putting pressure on you, I know you stopped being friends with me when I tried to get a member to make an account here for me. Tried to deceive them I mean, giving false reasons.

    I would very much love to beva part of this community again. If you still don't want me here, you can ban this account, I will respect your decision but I hope we can still be on good terms. I did actuslly enjoy being helpful and joining in the discussions, but generally speaking once you troll, you'll always be considered a troll That's how it works. Then I continued to play games to see howfar I could push it, but honestly I liked this forum.

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    Public apology
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    I believe in 2nd chances.

    As long as you stay out of troll mode I for one have no problem with you participating
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    Thanks! Any reason my post was deleted ?

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    Public apology
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    What post do you think has been deleted? The only thing I see so far are the two posts in this thread. Have you posted in another thread?
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    But I just wanted to thank @chscag, he messaged me to let me know I have another chance here
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    Public apology
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    Your post has been reinstated, Rocky97.

    Put everything behind you and come and be one of us. Family rules, OK?

    And welcome.


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