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    Question Can I lock a iMac using iCloud if someone sign outs from iCloud?

    Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to make some tests on my iMac. I activated "Find My Mac" through iCloud. When I am signing out from iCloud (Control panel on OSX's system preference) is showing no device to track. Also, if I change account on iCloud the device cannot be tracked.

    My question is;
    If my iMac gets stolen and if the theif sign out from iCloud or change iCloud account can I still track or remote lock the iMac?

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    Can I lock a iMac using iCloud if someone sign outs from iCloud?
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    Yes you can disable Find my Mac if you are logged in as an admin user. Find my mac requires you to have some basic security in place, otherwise you are offering up your Mac fully enabled to a thief.

    1. Make sure automatic login on your user accounts is disabled, with this feature on you are letting a thief into your admin account without having to crack a password.

    2. Enable the "Require password immediately after sleep or screen saver begins" option in the Security & Privacy pane of System Preferences, that way somebody who snatches your mac will soon find themselves locked out of the admin account.

    3. Make sure the guest user is enabled, the Guest user can surf the net but not configure the mac in any way, The thief will often use this account as the only option left available, connect to a network and reveal their location.

    AS in all things if you offer a thief an open car with the keys inside, then don't expect to ever see the car again.
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