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    Apple Mini Ipad?
    Hello Group

    I have a question about the look of the new Ipad Mini. Do you think both front and back will look the same as they do now? I am hoping for the same look just smaller. i really like the sliver unibody and hope its going to be the exact look Thanks for your time and help.


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    I don't put a lot of stock in this rumour, quite frankly. Apple isn't getting clobbered by the mass popularity of 7-inch tablets; in fact only one has done at all well (the Kindle Fire) and that's sank back into obscurity after everyone got one for xmas and realised what a piece o' ... um, stuff ... it is.

    So I can't see any economic reason for them to produce a 7-inch iPad, not to mention that tarring-and-feathering they'd get from Cult of Steve-ites (myself included!), since he said it was a stupid idea and, thus far, has been proven correct.

    Note that this does NOT rule out the idea of Apple producing a 7-inch device for some OTHER purpose(s). I could be wrong, of course ... Apple prides itself on being unpredictable ... but I haven't seen a compelling case for a mini-iPad yet.

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    Apple Mini Ipad?
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    If Apple were to release a 7-inch tablet, I imagine it would keep the overall design theme of the larger iPad. However- it's important to note that this "iPad mini" is only a rumor. I am very happy with my iPad 3rd Gen, and quite honestly I don't see why Apple should, or needs to enter the 7-inch tablet market. Steve Jobs said a few times before his death that "7-inch tablets suck", so I would hope that Apple honors his wishes...but who knows. I personally don't care for 7-inch tablets, so this is one of the few times that I think Apple should not release a new product. There's no need to fragment the iPad line-up.
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