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    Best way to Extend Wi-Fi range

    I have an older iMac and want the very best way to extend my wi-fi connection. I live in a very small 3 story building on the ocean and have many hotels with free wi-fi all around me - but I can only get 1 bar connections.

    I am willing to pay up to $200 for a high end antenna - that is better then the $40 a month for service.

    If you have any ideas I am thankful for the advice.


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    Best way to Extend Wi-Fi range
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    So, to clarify, you want to somehow pick up a signal from a hotel that you probably shouldn't be using as you aren't a guest?
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    Best way to Extend Wi-Fi range
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    Since stealing Wi-Fi, even free Wi-Fi, is illegal in most places unless you are entitled to it's use (like actually staying in the hotel in question or actually being a Starbucks customer), I think this reminder might be apt for the OP since he is a n00b here at MF:

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