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Thread: Extend Network?

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    Extend Network?

    I have a laptop in a upstairs office at home and my wifi just doesn't make it that far. Well it does but the connection keeps dropping. This is the equipment that I have.

    Verizon FIOS router MI424
    Airport Express - being used for remote speakers
    Apple IMac
    Apple MacBook Pro

    Is it possible to just add the new Airport Express and use it as a repeater? What else can I do? I thought about turning off wifi on the FIOS router and trying to use my Airport Express for wifi (will this plug into my router for internet access via ethernet cable) and then extending it using the new Airport Express (N). I would also like the Time Capsule but don't know how that would fit in. Thanks for any help.

    Please don't tell me to move the router, not possible. Move the laptop, again not possible when I working in the office.


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    Extend Network?

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    If you'd like you can use the Time Capsule to function as an extender. It will perform the same function, maybe better than the Airport Express. Not sure about compatibility with that router of yours though.

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