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    Lockdown App
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    Lockdown App
    There's a new free app in the Mac App Store that prevents tracking and many other things.

    Take a look at it and maybe give it a try. It's free but does require Catalina.

    Lockdown Apps on the Mac App Store

    Here's an article from MacRumors that explains what the app does:

    'Lockdown' Firewall App That Lets You Block Ads and Trackers in All Apps Expands to Mac - MacRumors

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    Lockdown App
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    It sounds like a modern version of Little Snitch at first glance but obviously more targeted at adds and trackers. Worth noting that Ghostery have released a system wide application called Midnight which is in the same field but it is $14.00/month. It does incorporate a VPN but pretty pricey. Just goes to show what a popular area of interest this ad and tracker blocking has become. All the more reason to stick with Brave Browser and it's BAT reward system for responsible advertising in my book. After all we need advertising we just don't want to be scammed, have our privacy threatened or abused or have parceled malware installed that takes over or search engines, not too much to ask eh?

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