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Thread: virus warning

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    virus warning
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    I think we've run the course on this topic.

    To re-iterate: There are no viruses for the Mac and these types of popups are just scareware which will scam you out of money. Do not click, do not call, follow the other good advice given in the posts above.

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    virus warning
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    I posted a concern about having a virus on my Mac...just to make sure.
    all comments were valid and confirmed my believe in that one does not need anti virus program on MACs.

    I wanted to thank all who replied but could not find the icon to click for reply.
    is it gone? how do I reply to any posts?
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    virus warning
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    The thread you originally started about the virus warning was closed because we had not heard back from you.

    I opened the thread again and moved your reply which you sent to the "contact us" to here where it should be.

    Sorry if it caused you to be concerned.

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