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    Family member's hacked PC

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    Family member's hacked PC
    Today I received an e-mail from a family member, with whom I had recently exchanged e-mails on my iPhone, to say her PC had been hacked and all recent e-mails should be deleted. I had noticed after one such exchange that my reply went to Microsoft (in blue) followed by Admin (in black and) was puzzled by that. As I received a reply confirming a meeting which subsequently took place I thought no more of it until I got today's e-mail.

    I tried to delete the e-mails on my iMac but was unable to do so. Eventually I deleted it from my iPhone so I guess this means that it is only possible to delete a sent e-mail from its originating device.

    As a couple of weeks have since elapsed should I worry about having been hacked myself? I tried to copy the link without opening it but it just came up as

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    Family member's hacked PC
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    Really hard to follow what is going on here. But just getting an email doesn't allow one to be hacked. You can delete any emails you've received or sent by going to the appropriate folder. There are no limits here.

    How does that family member know they were hacked?

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    Family member's hacked PC
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    I'm a little confused with what's going on as well.

    Did this family member get a random email saying their computer was hacked? If so...this could simply be a "scare-ware" email...and all that needs to be done is delete the email.

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