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    1Password's Watchtower Bad Passwords List
    On another thread <App-Specific Passwords> I went way off topic discussing 1Password's Watchtower which lists Compromised Websites, Vulnerable Passwords, Reused Passwords, Weak Passwords, Unsecured Websites (http vs https) and failure to use Two-Factor Authentication. I have over a thousand entries on that list.

    I started working on it today. It is one of the most tedious, boring and complex tasks that I have ever set about. Granted, many of the websites listed are places I never go and will probably never go again (I hope). I can easily delete those from 1Password and the warning goes away.

    But, that leaves hundreds that need dealing with.

    Although I subscribe to 1Password, I also want to keep passwords in Apple's Keychain. So, the steps are:

    • Log on to the website
    • Locate the change password page
    • Get the 2FA code if one is sent and paste it into the web page
    • Click on the new password field
    • Accept Safari/Keychain suggested password
    • Tell Keychain to update the password
    • Hope that 1Password has picked up the password change
    • If not, find the new password in Keychain
    • Enter the Keychain password to expose the new website password
    • Copy the new website password and paste it into 1Password

    I worked on this for an hour and only managed to do FB, Flipboard, Plex, Twitter, Adobe, Google, Air Asia and four banks.

    Apparently this is a task that I'll have to pass on to my progeny. Have fun kids.

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    1Password's Watchtower Bad Passwords List
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    A very useful post, Mike.

    I have found that doing it your way does not always mean that 1PW picks it up even if you have 1PW open.

    You can, of course, do it in the reverse. Get 1PW to suggest the PW, input that (which at the same time updates 1PW) and when you sign in, Safari's Keychain usually detects that this is a change from the PW it previously held and offers to add/replace the new PW.

    I say usually, not always, but more often, I've found, than doing it the way you suggested.

    Any way is a tiresome bore. Yuk...


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    How do you stop Safari from suggesting new passwords? I know I can decline the suggested password and then get 1Password to suggest one, but that seems like an extra step.

    So far, Google has been the biggest PITA. I have many entries in Keychain and 1Password for various Google entities. I figured it made sense to have the same password for all of them since they all share the same username. But both Keychain and 1Password complain about this. (Password used in more than one item.) Then, after I changed the password for Google, each of my devices wanted me to log in, enter the new password and receive a 2FA code. Unfortunately, under iOS Google sends you to a page in the language of the country you're in with no option to change the language. My Thai was not up to the task, so, I had to turn on a US based VPN in order to get the page in good old English (USA). Then Keychain (which may not have synced yet) kept entering the old password. So, back to the computer, open the Keychain, copy the new password and then paste into the Google page on both the iPhone and iPad. Silly.

    It's pretty clear why people are not on top of security. It's an odious task. And, if you don't use a password manager who can think of memorable passwords that are any good? I used to think I had a decent method (here's one: Am#iBE4-5789 - ThinK Marvelettes) of creating hard-to-guess-easy-to-remember passwords. In fact 1Password used to like them. Of course, now they've all been compromised, used too often, are too easy to guess, etc.

    Anyway, maybe I'll do a few more next week.

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