Enpass lets you check your passwords against the list of breached passwords managed by Troy Hunt on his web site "Have I Been Pawned"
This topic came up recently in another post and I mentioned that 1Password allows this via a new addition called Watchtower.
I'm pleased to announce that my default password manager Enpass also has this facility. https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-desktop/pwned.html
Call me stupid but until today I was not aware of this so I cannot say how long this feature has been included. I found out purely by accident while reading the long list of "bug" fixes in the iOS update notes re a wrong message that may occur during the process of checking your passwords against the breached list (only for the iOS version).
So I immediately checked my desktop version using the instructions in the above site and voila! A list of 29 passwords out of a total of 241 have been Pawned.
Now to the time consuming job of changing them but a big thank you to Troy and Enpass.