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    "detecting that your apple device is plugged in" popup while installing itunes
    My MacBook Pro running boot camp did an iTunes update today and I got this popup that came up twice but it disappeared just as quickly as it appeared. It said something to the affect of "detecting that your apple device is plugged in" but once again I did not get a clear look at it. I did not have anything connected to my MacBook at the time so I am a little curious if anyone else has seen this message before.

    My Norton AV is up to date and says that I am good to go, I installed MalwareBytes Pro (I have a paid license) and it said everything was clean as well. I just want to make sure i am not totally crazy or if this is something new floating around...... Thank you in advance for any information you can provide!!!



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    "detecting that your apple device is plugged in" popup while installing itunes
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    I haven’t updated my iTunes to 12.7, but I believe you should be good to go. Do you have devices you use with your MBP?
    -- Bob --
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    Hi ferrarr!!! Thank you for your reply!!! Oh yeah I have quite a few devices, 3 iPhones and my iPad Pro.

    I work in the IT industry in Networking/Security/InfoSec and I just can't be too careful. Once again it was just weird and I have NEVER, EVER seen any type of pop up like that associated with iTunes.

    I will run another few scans on it with Norton and Malwarebytes, if it doesn't pick up anything I guess my paranoia will be satisfied for the time being.....LOL!!!



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    "detecting that your apple device is plugged in" popup while installing itunes
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    Hi Mike,

    Not what you want to hear, but I feel obliged to mention it for your consideration.

    Norton AV will not help you keep safe, will hog resources and should be uninstalled.

    Working in the IT industry, as you state, conditions you to the ever-present and ever-changing world of viruses - in the Windows environment.

    There are no true viruses in the wild that affect Macs.

    Malware, yes, and Malwarebytes is a great app for dealing with that.

    I am sure that the vast majority of Mac users in this and other Mac-related Forums would agree that AV software, especially Norton, is not necessary.

    Feel happy to ignore this post. I shall not be offended.


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    "detecting that your apple device is plugged in" popup while installing itunes
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    What Ian has told you nis exactly correct - there are no Mac OS X viruses. Nortons and other companies have taken to calling malware and adware as 'viruses' in order to sell their resource hogging software to Mac users using scare tactics.

    Nortons did make great utilities back in Classic (OS 7, 8 and 9) days, including AV and Disk Doctor products which no competent Mac user would be without.
    Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    Hi IWT & harryb2448 and Thank You for your replies!!! While this is a MacBook Pro Mid 2014 I am running boot camp and was experiencing this issue while on the Windows 10 partition. I keep Norton and Malware-bytes installed on just the Windows 10 partition only because I use this as an EMERGENCY backup to VPN into work and the VPN client (and company policy) insists that you have an "up to date" AV program on any BYOD type device. It came for free with my internet provider so luckily I did not have to shell out any cash for it. But I do understand (and agree with) what the both of you are saying about OS X, Norton and the whole virus vs adware vs malware situation.

    Even with running on boot camp with Norton and Malware-bytes both running on the Windows 10 partition this thing SCREAMS and placed tops in SiSoftware Sandra benchmark tests....... :-). I knew I would not be disappointed when I bought this MacBook.....LOL!!!

    Once again it was just something I had never ever seen before when updating iTunes so it concerned me at first. I ran this puppy thru the wringer and cannot find anything out of sorts. The next time I update I will do a screen capture/record while doing the update and see if it comes up again.

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