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    Apple Help Site From India
    I was on a shopping site last Fri when suddenly an Apple Help site popped up on my screen with a printer page on the foreground..I can't Cancel and I don't want to click on the Print tab as I might download something...I had a feeling it was a Phishing site which looks real with everything resembling the Apple Help site asking me to connect my Mac to them so they could fix my issue...I dialed their number posted on the screen and the person on the other end of the line said "Apple Customer Service " in a very thick Indian Accent... I asked to verify if it was a legit Apple Help Center and the guy said "Yes " at the same time I was checking the Apple Help line in my IPhone and it was a different number.... the Indian help center number was a local 800 number so anybody could err that it is a legit site.. but I know it was not ... I was trapped... I could not get out of the situation.... I ran my MalwareBytes and found nothing...ran it again and found nothing..... shut down my laptop and rebooted and it is still there....shut down again, waited for 5 minutes and rebooted and it is still there.... I cleared my history and rebooted and it is still there...I felt really trapped and on the verge of panic.... I rebooted into safe mode and it is still there...I can't even change the Browser site and I went into full panic..... I dialed the Apple Help line in my IPhone and sought help... it took us about an hour with the help of a real Apple Tech to clear my Mac....whew!!! that was a horrifying experience.....

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    Apple Help Site From India
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    None of these companies, Apple, Microsoft and so on will ever resort to these sorts of they are almost always phishing attacks. You should install at a minimum, Adblock Plus and either Ghostery or uBlock Origin to prevent these sorts of things..

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    Apple Help Site From India
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    Good thinking to check the number of the site on your phone. I'm not sure I would have thought to do that when caught in the middle of everything.
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    Yes, I had Adblock, Ghostery and Onyx installed in my MBP for the last 3 years following the advise in this forum, but I still got snatched by that aggressive , hungry Indian site....just to remind fellow Mac users that they look authentic is the contributors in these forums who spread what is out there ready to take advantage of the innocent hardworking folks .... and I thank those who wrote here and educated me.....
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    Through all of that defense and still got hit? Pretty brutal I would say. Thanks for the tips and reminder, it is good to see that you have great awareness for the things, many people could have easily fallen for it.

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