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    Safari and Chrome corructed
    I can't use anymore Safari and Chrome because after few seconds I open them a window appear say YOUR COMPUTER MIGHT BE INFECTED WITH ADWARE,attackers currently on malware might attempt to install dangerous programs in your computer etc''TO FIX CONTACT 966 274 7639
    I never contact this number but still I can't use the programs. Any advise? My computer is mac OS X version 10.7.5
    Thank you

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    Safari and Chrome corructed
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    Quote Originally Posted by carlo1 View Post
    Any advise? My computer is mac OS X version 10.7.5
    Thank you
    What you are experiencing is called "ransomware". To fix things:

    - Turn off the computers WiFi.
    - Quit Safari and/or Chrome.
    - Reopen Safari or Chrome (at this point I also like to close all open tabs…if any)
    - Turn the computers WiFi back on.

    This should correct the situation.

    - Nick
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    Safari and Chrome corructed
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    I think there is one other step, at least with Safari. After disconnecting from the internet, either by stopping your wireless or unplugging your network cable, stop Safari. You may need to go into Activity Monitor and choose Force Quit with Safari selected if your Safari Quit menu is disabled. Then restart Safari and choose Clear History and Website Data. I always clear all. Then reconnect to your internet and you should be good to go.

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    If Safari and chrome don't work you should try with another browser. Did you try that?

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