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    Virus found message. Any tip how to deal with it?

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    Question Virus found message. Any tip how to deal with it?
    I went to clean up old bookmarks and web locations. Had several websites simultaneously opened with Safari.
    Suddenly this message appeared:
    Virus found
    The last website you visited has infected your Mac with a virus.
    Press OK to begin the repair process.

    Under the message was displayed only a blue OK button with no option to refuse.
    This warning was sent by

    Did check Apple Mac OS X Software & Apps - Discover & Download : MacUpdate - it sells software but Iíve never use its services.

    Did not get the address of the website.
    which allegedly infected my Mac.

    I was not sure whether this message is legitimate and did not pressed OK as instructed.
    Instead force closed Safari and trashed all cookies.

    Could someone with relevant experience ,please, tell me what to do about this case, do I really have a virus and if yes what actions to take.

    Any help to understand this case will be mush appreciated!

    My Mac has OS 10.6.8, Fire Wall is on.
    By the way my Safari 5.1.10 is set properly has plugin WOT which checks websites and I found it very helpful in a couple of occasions.
    Iím not a techie , just a regular Mac user.

    Thanks In advance everyone!

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    Virus found message. Any tip how to deal with it?

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    it's bull its a extension that blocks your connection its a crock ignore it.

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    Virus found message. Any tip how to deal with it?
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    NO, you don't have a Virus. This is just cruel marketing ploy, to get you to download their Software, for free, then ask you too pay, to get the supposedly Virus off your Mac.

    But, there is a quick, easy and free way to check.
    Download AdwareMedic and run it, and/or ClamXav. Between the 2, they will find and get rid of any nasties, on your Mac.
    If these Apps don't pick anything up, then you are clean and right to keep working.
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    Virus found message. Any tip how to deal with it?
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    +1 ^^^^ for what he said!

    You may also have to delete your browser history and check for and uninstall any unknown or unwanted browser extensions.

    Recommend using Onyx to clean your Mac.
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    Virus found message. Any tip how to deal with it?
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    ClamXAV is a great program, another one to check out is Sophos for Mac Home Edition. I run that on my Air and has saved me from a few viruses. I often use my mac to check some suspicious emails that come into my company to make sure that they are not infected.

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