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    Thanks to OP. Done.

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    Update Flash *NOW*!
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    Thanks, Randy!
    Note.... you'll now have both the Adobe Flash Installer and Uninstaller sitting in your Applications folder.
    Nope! It put the .dmg files in my Downloads folder. That's it. Edit: Well, I discovered it put a Flash Update Manager in the Utilities folder.
    ... you should ... have an Adobe Flash Icon in System Preferences.
    Yes, and thanks to harryb who noted that it was set to automatically update. I prefer to be notified.
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    Update Flash *NOW*!
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    Thanks for the information! Now have two more to update.

    Just wondering. If flash was already installed why didn't my computer receive an update notification from adobe? It seems I get them for all there other software.


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    Update Flash *NOW*!
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    I've noticed that the only time I'll get an update notification for Flash is if I'm on a site that Flash is used and an update is available. I suppose I could click on the Flash icon in System Preferences and select "check for updates".

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