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  1. I have a Ipod classic 7th generation and I...

    I have a Ipod classic 7th generation

    and I don't think something is really broken on my ipod because it works fine with other earphone I use.

    but same as my headphone, it works fine with other...
  2. Ipod Classic headphone issue ?

    I have a ipod classic, I'm not sure if it's 6th or 7th generation because they look the same.

    My problem is when I listen with my "Marshall Monitor" headphone.
    Music keeps on stop playing like...
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    MBP 2018 15 inch SLOW ?

    I bought my new MBP 2018 15 inch bout 2 weeks ago.

    And for some reason it got kind of slow..

    I updated to Mojave bout a week ago and I don't know if it's because of that but my web surfing got...
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