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    Agreed. The point I was making was that there is...

    Agreed. The point I was making was that there is a difference between burning a VIDEO_TS folder as opposed to a disk image. Also, if you use Finder rather then the Disk Utility to burn, you need to...
  2. Yahoo calendar not syncing with iPhone 3GS

    Hi there;
    I have successfully synced my Yahoo Calendar (Mac OS X 10.7.2) with my iPhone 3GS (iOS5.0.1). Everything works fine for a few days, events entered on either Yahoo or iPhone will be...
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    I think I solved my own problem. I inadvertently...

    I think I solved my own problem. I inadvertently created a VIDEO_TS folder rather then disk image. After some research on the web, I found that the video files in the VIDEO_TS folder are NOT in the...
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    DVD will only play Intro

    Hi there;
    I recently created a DVD which will only play the intro and then nothing...
    the DVD consists of the intro, followed by the menu which consists of several movies created by imovie.
  5. Alias on network points to wrong destination

    I have a MacPro running SL10.6.8. My wife has MBP also running SL10.6.8. They are connected through a wireless network. When on the MBP, I look at the MBP hard drive I see an alias for "User Guides...
  6. Have I found the cause of my own problem ?

    My Mac has 4 x HDD and I usually keep all my movies and projects on HDD1 Just by accident, I created a new project on a HDD2. Everyting worked ok, until I moved the project files to HDD1 (I used the...
  7. IMovie09 and the dreaded spinning ball

    Has anyone come across this issue ?
    Using iMovie09 8.0.3 on a Mac OS X 10.5.7
    When I create a iMovie project everything behaves well, until I insert a clip from one of my photos (these live on my...
  8. I haven't tried this but iMovie allows you to...

    I haven't tried this but iMovie allows you to have multiple tracks. You could create a second audio track (which is in fact 'silent') and overlay the part of the audio clip where you want to lower...
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    Autoplay in iDVD

    Hi there;
    I am trying to get iDVD to autoplay. I have 3 videos in the project, I want the first one to play BEFORE the main menu. I followed the suggested solutions on the web, dragged the video to...
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