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    Safari Crash!!!

    Sometimes Safari does crash for me...this has also happened w/ other browsers before. Its really nothing special....until it happens 12 times in one day! All of a sudden Safari has been shutting down...
  2. Windows XP Parallels keyboard

    Hey guys! Ive been using BOOTCAMP to run Windows on my Mac and play a game on it, but its a pain to have to switch between OS'. So i just got Parallels and everything runs fine except for one thing,...
  3. How do run the update from within windows?

    How do run the update from within windows?
  4. Keyboard just goes nuts

    Ok so, I've had windows on my macbook pro for awhile now but haven't really used it. All the drivers are installed and everything works fine...for a period of time. After playing a game for awhile...
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    Cannot import MP3 file to iTunes.

    Basically when i go to add the album (or individual songs) into the iTunes library, it acts as if nothing happened. I get the same reaction when i try to drag it in. However, it does play in...
  6. Thanks guys it worked perfectly!!! Talkin from...

    Thanks guys it worked perfectly!!!

    Talkin from windows right now!:)
  7. No Wireless on Windows XP

    Just installed Windows Xp Pro SP3, and my MacBook Pro. Windows installed successfully, and everything runs great except it doesn't seem to recognize the wireless network card or something. There is...
  8. Best Free Antivirus/spyware for Mac?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering what are the best free antivirus and anti spyware programs to get for macs. I don't have a virus, but I do like to be safe. With my PC I used Symatec(virus) and...
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