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  1. iCloud photo Library initial Upload

    I increased my iphoto library to 2 TB and turned on iPhoto library on my mac. But I have over 20k pictures, and it just says updating on the bottom on my photos in the app. Will this just take...
  2. Family Sharing AppleID mess

    My daughter was sharing apple ids with me


    I set up family sharing and a new Apple Id for her, so now she's
    itunes- (still...
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    Quick Anti-virus question

    I am new to Mac. Recently my wife got a message saying something about a trojan, which she quickly closed. Then recently her hotmail account was hacked and emailed from. I downloaded and ran ClamXav...
  4. Time Machine Initial Backup question

    I Just got a WD Elements HD and did an initial backup connected USB to my MBP. It didn't take that long. Then I unplugged and attached to my Airport Extreme for wireless backups, and when selecting...
  5. External HD for Airport Extreme

    I see that backing up through Time Machine to an external HD plugged into AEBS can be finicky sometimes. Do you suggest any particular HD for seamless use in backing up? Thx
  6. Wireless backup Question

    I have a dumb question. I have a rather old (3-4 yrs) WD 2500 external HD. If I connect it via USB to my router, can I wirelessly backup to it through my network, or do I need a specifically...
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    Watching a DVD on Iphone

    I ripped a DVD to my MBP in mp4 format. I then synced itunes to my iphone. How do I now watch the movie on my iphone? Do I need an app?

  8. Thanks regarding Handbrake, is there anything...

    regarding Handbrake, is there anything that I should be tweaking, especially in the output settings, when I rip a DVD? Should i be changing the pixels or other picture settings? Thanks
  9. Good Program for Burning DVD's

    I am looking for a program to burn DVD's onto my MBP Hard Drive. What do you suggest? It doesn't have to be free, I will pay some for a more efficient process. Thx
  10. Airport Extreme plus what External Hard Drive

    I have a new MBP and need to accomplish wireless backup. Shying away from Time Capsule due to bad reviews. If I get an Airport Extreme router, are there any suggestions on what type of wireless...
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    Can't find Canon printer

    My canon MP560 was set up perfectly, then I went to print and was getting a print paused problem. I reset my printers and now it's gone. when hitting the + to add the printer back, nothings...
  12. OK solved the audio problem through switching...

    OK solved the audio problem through switching audio output. But still can only get screen in mirroring mode. thx
  13. Thanks.Im still not sure. I got the Tv to display...

    Thanks.Im still not sure. I got the Tv to display my MBP in mirroring mode, but no other way. Also, I wasn't getting any sound on the Tv although I have a brand new 2010 model which passes audio...
  14. Hooking Mac to TV-Getting background only

    I have hooked my MBP to TV via HDMI but all my Tv shows is the galaxy background (which isnt even my MBP background) How do I get a movie or something I am watching online to show up on the TV? thanks
  15. New Mac- How do you print pictures

    Got a new MBP and love it. How do you guys typically print your pictures other than with your own printer? Do you just download to Cd, Flash drive, etc and take to store or do you upload online in...
  16. Mail If I Upgrade to Yahoo Plus

    I understand I need a yahoo plus account if I want full functionality using Mac mail. My question is, if I upgrade to yahoo plus what functions will I have using Mac Mail? For example, will I only...
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    Mail Help

    Can you set up 2 email accts through mail (eg yahoo and hotmail) or do you have to have seperate users? Thanks
  18. Yahoo Mail won't push

    On my 3gs occassionally mail wouldn't push to my phone, but if I turned off/on it would be fine. On the iphone 4 my mail won't push to the phone at all. Any ideas, the settings look fine?
  19. Get MBP now or wait for new version?

    I was planning on getting a 15" MBP soon but read that Apple will be releasing new ones at end of summer. I don't know many details about the new ones. Does anyone know what will be new, what prices...
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    Help choose MBP

    Getting a 15" MBP but need advice on specs.
    I won't use it for any gaming or anything crazy, just basically photo/video editing, music, ms office. My most important concern is speed. SO I was...
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    I have samsung tbs/ blue rays. R there any issues...

    I have samsung tbs/ blue rays. R there any issues with the apple router connecting to those?
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    Router for new macpro

    I am getting a macpro and currently have a dlink 625 router. It works ok but doesn't have much signal strength. What has been your experience for a good router w Mac and wireless printer? Ty
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    Software questions for switch

    I am seriously looking at switching to mac and just have a few questions regarding the ease of switching the software programs I use.

    Word & Excel- Should I get Office for Mac or IWork? I will...
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