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    OSX yubico login

    Has anyone integrated a yubico key into OSX signon screen? I am not confident in my abilities to not lockout myself.

    I do now own several nfc yubico keys for sites supporting OATH tOTP
  2. Sticky: windows gaming on OSX

    windows gaming alternatives... yes, all wine

    Porting Kit, used by

    Play on MAC, scripted wine setup for games
  3. ahh my daily dose of humility. command + did...

    ahh my daily dose of humility. command + did finally restore zoom after posting.

    So how to I avoid this again? What did I do with the touchpad?
  4. free graphics editor with 8BF support. Filter Forge

    I bought an OSX license for Filter Forge. Perhaps that was a mistake. I think I should have purchased a windows license and use free windows tools in a wine bottle on OSX.

    I blew my software...
  5. interweb browser zooming

    I did something with the touchpad on my macbook pro. It seems the browser zoom changed but command + command - doesn't restore it. I am using chromium on 10.9.5

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    I would have recommended Desura for OSX games but...

    I would have recommended Desura for OSX games but they seem to have gone bankrupt. I play windows games via steam in a wine bottle, but many games are already available for OSX with native OSX steam...
  7. I prefer DDG because * free federated Xmpp...

    I prefer DDG because

    * free federated Xmpp Texting
    * no privacy rape business model
    * clean interface
    * bangs
  8. Sticky: Poll: Xmpp Texting

    Xmpp Texting
  9. needless suffering, osx masochism?

    I, too, have this question. I am _not_ interested in the stack exchange "solution" too feed my data to notorious Privacy Rapists like google. I would like to export my Notes app notes into a plain...
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