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  1. Yes thanks I can do this (with a bit of...

    Yes thanks I can do this (with a bit of difficulty finding the corner), but for example both the Waste Basket and more importantly Spotlight (which I rely on a lot) are on the unusable RHS of the...
  2. Display entire desktop in window?

    Part of my MacBook Pro Screen has become unusable. It's a pretty old machine and I've ordered a new one, but I need to go away on a trip with the broken one.

    Is it possible to tell the display to...
  3. iTunes library keeps changing

    I have, several times, successfully moved my iTunes library to an external wireless hard drive - but it it keeps switching back to the default setting. Has anyone else had this problem?
  4. Sata caddy for 2TB TC Hard Drive

    I recently had my 2TB TC replaced due to a power supply failure. I persuaded them to give me the Hard Drive out of the old machine. Can anyone recommend a good caddy for this drive. I assume I can...
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    It's snowleopard and Safari 5.0 I shall try...

    It's snowleopard and Safari 5.0

    I shall try with Firefox
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    said cowles

    Yes I have thanks, but no luck
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    Viewing PDFs in Safari

    I'm having problems with this and none of the solutions I've found on the web seem to work.

    1. It used to work properly
    2. Now when I follow a link to a pdf file I just get a black screen

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