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  1. Trouble Getting launchd Scripts Running Properly

    I'm trying to get a system startup script running with launchd (in 10.11.6). This script creates a RAM disk, then copies some files to it. The launchd plist is very simple, and seems to be working as...
  2. Can you remove the clutch cover from a MacBook Air display?

    I've got a late model (Early 2015) 13" MacBook Air with a cracked plastic clutch cover. I can find them online, but I cannot find any instruction ANYWHERE about how to actually remove it. When you...
  3. Mounting RAM Disks as "-notremovable"

    I am replacing my G5 (10.5) Xserve with a late 2008 Xserve (10.6). This server is primarily a web server, with a small amount of mail traffic.

    I keep my 'webfolder' on a RAM disk. All of my pages...
  4. Making a disk with a smaller block size

    I use the following command to create a ram disk on boot:

    /usr/sbin/diskutil erasevolume HFS+ "web-ram" `/usr/bin/hdiutil attach -notremovable -nomount ram://2200000`

    This makes a ram disk...
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