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  1. Need to save my apps and contacts

    I was wondering if there is a way to keep all my contacts and apps for iphone when upgrading from osx 10.4 to os leopard 10.5?
  2. HELP iphone 3g not compatible with itunes 9 anymore

    Ok, here's the story. i damaged my iphone 3g recently but it was covered under insurance. Carphone warehouse said that a replacement would be given to me...
  3. Sticky: leopard compatability

    cheers, razormac...
    i'll give it a whirl. Apple say the no longer stock the leopard 10.5 and said to get it from a third party stokist any idea where i can purchase it its still...
  4. can i upgrade to 10.5 leopard on my g5 imac power pc

    HI i'm a newbie and im completely out of date in regards to my mac and software.

    I have a question though....
    \can i upgrade my system software from 10.4.11 to leopard 10.5?
    the reason i ask is...
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