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  1. Thanks to all of the above. ferrarr: I''ll...

    Thanks to all of the above.

    ferrarr: I''ll try that [NVRAM,

    I'm getting a new iMac in the new year...
  2. Quote: [I'm hard-wired] No Air-Play or 'Mirroring...

    Quote: [I'm hard-wired] No Air-Play or 'Mirroring possible because of age of iMac. [2011] [running High Sierra]

  3. Apple TV problems - sharing - consistency

    This particular Apple TV box is a 3.

    When this works it's just great. BUT how many times has it not been able/capable of playing nice?

    The 'turn Home Sharing on" dialogue is an albatross for...
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    Oh, it's there. I got this answer from another...

    Oh, it's there. I got this answer from another forum:

    "In the top menu. *Click on View and click on Show Status Bar".

    Thanks for the rant, though :-)
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    iTunes problem

    I've lost the 'song count' at the bottom of my iTunes 12.0.1 window. How can I get it back?
  6. Thanks, life...

    Thanks, life...
  7. iTunes [Movies] - wrong folder used

    When adding movies to iTunes they end up in the 'Home Video' folder, I then manually move them to 'Movies'

    Can I change this behaviour?

    Why would the default folder for Movies be Home Movies,...
  8. AppleTV not in sync w/ iTunes

    I made some changes to my iTunes media folder [Movies] that I realize in hind-sight were not made the way Apple recommends.

    I manually removed, changed the format and name, then returned the files...
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