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  1. What Is Green Monday? Don't Miss This Big Shopping Day,t_large,q_auto/content/jl8frmw361fhp6gjjt2w.jpg
  2. The iPhone 11’s U1 chip necessitates constant geolocation pings, Apple says / From left to right: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max. (credit: Samuel Axon)
  3. Apple brings Memoji and Animoji to its Clips video creation app
  4. Amazon and the NFL team up to create a 'Digital Athlete' simulation
  5. Looking for Cheap Gifts? 10 Presents That Seem Expensive, but Really Aren't,t_large,q_auto/content/hh31zmu9auer0eag3aet.jpg
  6. Qualcomm pushes for cheaper Snapdragon PCs with its 7c and 8c chips
  7. Homeland Security doesn’t want Americans' airport face scans after all
  8. Amazon’s inexpensive Eero mesh Wi-Fi kit is shockingly good
    This Eero kit consists of three Eero routers, rather than the less-expensive one-router-and-two-Beacon...
  9. OWC Review Roundup – November 2019

    It’s that time again! Time for a monthly roundup of OWC product reviews, that is. We spent some time culling through what others had to say about our gear in November and put some highlights together...
  10. Apple explains why the iPhone 11 is always checking your location
  11. Future iPhones could drop charging ports altogether

    Here’s a little early Christmas present for you. Apple analyst extraordinaire Ming-Chi Kuo is out with his latest Apple opus. Per usual, it’s got a lot of fascinating nuggets, this time projecting as...
  12. Apple says its ultra wideband technology is why newer iPhones appear to share location data, even wh

    This week, security reporter Brian Krebs asked why the newest iPhone 11 Pro appeared to be sending out a user’s location even when the user disabled Location Services in their phone’s settings, in...
  13. Apple may ditch the Lightning port on a 2021 iPhone
  14. The Inventor of the World Wide Web Has a Plan to Save It

    In March of 1989, while working at CERN laboratories in Geneva, Computer Scientist Tim Berners-Lee proposed an information management system to help solve the problems associated with document...
  15. The Morning After: Plex started streaming free movies and TV shows
  16. Apple reportedly spends big to bring Billie Eilish documentary to TV+
  17. Witcher card game 'Gwent' is shutting down on consoles
  18. Apple Music dives deeper into concert streaming with Billie Eilish

    As music streaming apps struggle to differentiate, Apple is making concert video a more central part of its strategy with tonight’s big Billie Eilish show at its HQ’s Steve Jobs Theater. The Apple...
  19. Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 865 is 25% faster, comes with mandatory 5G / The Snapdragon 865.

    Today, Qualcomm detailed its new flagship...
  20. Craigslist only took 11 years to make its own iOS app
  21. It looks like BMW will drop its Apple CarPlay fees
  22. Christmas Shipping Deadlines for 2019: Get Gifts Under the Tree in Time!,t_large,q_auto/content/rwi6rkqqmhcjumlkonuy.jpg
  23. Peloton's Apple Watch app will offer detailed metrics for indoor runs
  24. How to Restore Data From Time Machine Backups

    Time Machine is certainly an easy-to-use app for backing up your data. It's free, and comes installed and ready to use with the Mac OS. In many of our Rocket Yard guides, we’ve often suggested that...
  25. Apple confirms shutdown issue with the 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro
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