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  1. mac pro 2008 not recognizing internal SATA drive as bootable

    Hello everyone,
    I have an internal SATA drive installed in the second optical bay of my 2008 Mac Pro. It is loaded with OS Yosemite.
    I normally run OS 10.6.8 which is on the the boot drive in...
  2. solved

    After some thinking about it and trying various things, I came up with the solution which is pretty simple. The initial dialog box was Adobe InDesign print presets, since that is the software I was...
  3. deleting print presets

    Hi everyone,

    I'm running OS 10.6.8 on my mac pro tower.

    I'd like to delete some of the print presets that I've made in the initial dialog box that comes up when I hit 'command P' ( see attached...
  4. iDVD chapter submenu issue

    Hi all,

    I am running iDVD 7.1.2 on a mac pro utilizing OS 10.6.8

    I've created some video in FCP 7, a ballet in two acts. I have done all the correct steps in FCP in order to create chapter...
  5. Hi MacInWin, Thanks for the response. Here is...

    Hi MacInWin,

    Thanks for the response. Here is the solution that worked. The original spreadsheet file that I was given only had one column that contained a header name and data ( emails ). I...
  6. export Numbers '08 file to CSV

    Hi everyone,

    Here is some clarification of my workflow that may help people steer me in the right direction. I am on a Mac Pro ( late 2008 ) and am running OS 10.6.8. I am opening a supplied .xlsx...
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