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  1. Old Ipod touch, new macbook

    So this question has probably been asked before, if so please dont hesitate to re-direct me to the thread that explains how to help

    Over a year ago I won an 8gb Ipod touch but did not own a...
  2. thanks very much jaygray, i'll have to check if...

    thanks very much jaygray, i'll have to check if they have an OS X version. i will type that IP address into safari.

    do you know the difference between using the setup wizard and creating a network...
  3. Wireless HELP! - DLink 300 router

    hey everyone,
    this is my first post on mac-forums so i am not 100% if i'm in the right section but i do have an issue and would appreciate some pointers.

    my girlfriend just bought a condo and her...
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