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  1. 5 Best Macy's Menswear Deals: Save $165 on a Calvin Klein Puffer Jacket,t_large,q_auto/content/yhmzmikbddzmipwi6wem.jpg Macy's are stacking discounts on discounts in their menswear sale this weekend, and we've rounded...
  2. Quick Tip: How to Sign a PDF in macOS Catalina Mail

    Like me, you've probably had a PDF emailed to you that you need to sign. It’s a pain to print it, sign it, then scan it in order to send it back. Thankfully, there’s a better way. You can actually...
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    The App Store is down

    Midday on Friday it appeared that Apple’s App Store, a critical piece of the digital and mobile economies, struggled with uptime issues. Apple’s own status page indicated that the application vendor...
  4. Craig Kaths' intricate synth sculptures look real enough to play
  5. 'Rocket League' loses online multiplayer on Linux and Mac
  6. Sega's new app lets you remotely win prizes from a real claw machine in Japan
  7. Everything You Need to Know About the Latest TV Technologies,t_large,q_auto/content/ovcfw3qpiy32qlhqov4q.jpg
    Big electronics...
  8. Your Guide to Holiday Deals in 2020,t_large,q_auto/content/pvtnprgwa1gq8bk3nk6q.jpg
  9. Samsung Galaxy Fold review: The future is an ugly disappointment
    The Galaxy Fold, screen off, featuring the big crease down the middle. [credit: ...
  10. 5 Deals You Need to Know Today: A Staff Pick Sale on All-Clad Kitchen Items,t_large,q_auto/content/gqaqsxet4823xso4nlwi.jpg Celebrate the incoming weekend by diving into All-Clad's factory-seconds sale, or treating yourself...
  11. Librem 5 phone hands on—A proof of concept for the open source smartphone
    The Librem 5. This is the home screen, I guess? It is just totally blank. [credit: ...
  12. Apple says EU push for universal phone charger would 'stifle innovation'
  13. US regulators need to catch up with Europe on fintech innovation

    Consumer fintech adoption in the U.S. lags well behind much of Europe, where forward-thinking regulation has sparked an outpouring of innovation in digital banking services and infrastructure.
  14. Pocket Casts' revamped Discover section offers picks from top podcasters
  15. After a decade of drama, Apple is ready to kill Flash in Safari once and for all / Safari is the default browser on all of Apple's devices. (credit: NurPhoto/Getty Images)

  16. Super Nintendo World won't open in Orlando until at least 2023
  17. Apple Watch Connected program rewards you for wearing it to the gym
  18. Accelsior 4M2: RAID 0 + Mac Boot Drive

    Occasionally customers who purchased the Accelsior 4M2 ask if it’s possible to “set aside” one of the four installed M.2 SSDs as a macOS boot volume, while the remaining three are used as a RAID 0....
  19. 5 Deals You Need to Know Today: The 2nd-Best Price Ever for an Apple Watch,t_large,q_auto/content/zfpepqcr5roerfs1vxs5.jpg The Apple Watch Series 3 isn't the newest model, but B&H Photo Video's price drop make it the best...
  20. The Apple Watch hits the gym with Connected program

    Wrist-worn fitness trackers tend to do a fine job when exercising outdoors. For those glued to gym equipment, however, things get trickier. GPS can’t really do its job detecting distances, and...
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    7 Ways to Get Free HBO,t_large,q_auto/content/oysijfrgw5emuxhh8qod.jpg
  22. Apple drops Flash from its latest Safari browser preview
  23. Now everyone can play 'Mario Kart Tour' multiplayer
  24. DOJ letter reveals the FBI recently cracked an iPhone 11
  25. How to Work With and Around Gatekeeper

    Gatekeeper, part of the Mac’s security system for ensuring files you download or install on your Mac are safe to use, has been around in one form or another for quite a while. Primarily intended to...
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