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  1. OK, Ferrarr, thanks.

    OK, Ferrarr, thanks.
  2. Thanks, chscag. I would have replied sooner, but...

    Thanks, chscag. I would have replied sooner, but I was indisposed out of town.

    The cursor does not change when I place it on the right-most edge of the favorites box (or any other edge of it), so...
  3. Can the Safari favorites window be resized?

    On my iMac and MacBook Air, Safari favorites view appears by moving the pointer over the smart search field. The size of the window with favorites is just right on my iMac, but on my MacBook Air,...
  4. Thanks, chscag.

    Thanks, chscag.
  5. Automate watermark placement on multiple PDFs

    I see there are instructions on how to create a watermark on a PDF in Preview. I have multi-page PDF documents on which I'd like to place a custom watermark on each page. Is there a way to automate...
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