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  1. Importing 96/24 sound in iMovie 10.1.4

    I wish to add a commentary to my 2 hour HD video in order to replace the existing s/t. The commentary was recorded on a Sony PCM-M10 in WAV format at 96/24. Can I import this into iMovie to add to my...
  2. VLC 2.2.1 - how to see video data of the DVD I'm watching?

    I'm running that version of VLC on my iMac (OS 10.11.2) but can see no way to access the video data (ie frame rate, resolution etc) of the DVD I'm playing back. Any ideas, folks?
  3. Thanks for that. Can you tell me how do I use...

    Thanks for that. Can you tell me how do I use Popcorn with toast?
  4. Splitting VOB files across 2 DVDS

    I have a DVD download that comes to over 7gb which obviously won't fit onto a single recordable DVD. I can't use double-layer discs so I need to split the files across 2 regular DVD-Rs. I'm using...
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