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  1. Can I upgrade my Hard Drive on my iMac?

    iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017)
    3.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5
    64 GB 2400 MHz DDR4
    Radeon Pro 580 8 GB
    2.12 TB Fusion Drive

    I would like to go to a 4 or 6 TB Drive.

  2. Cant Backup my iPhone in iTunes Help!

    Iphone7, IOS 12.2

    Itunes Version

    IMAC 3.8 GHZ

    Mac OS 10.14.4

    No matter what I do nor how many times I try and backup to my computer I am constantly getting the error : Cannot...
  3. It converts them to h.256 mpeg4 which is...

    It converts them to h.256 mpeg4 which is supposedly the highest quality. Im beginning to wonder if it is my source. Its a Sony Digital Hi8 Handi Cam via Svideo. Interestingly when I covert with my...
  4. Thx Dennis. That is correct Rod. Anyway Elgato's...

    Thx Dennis. That is correct Rod. Anyway Elgato's customer service has been outstanding. But, they have not solved my issue so Unfortunately it looks as if I will have to use my PC to convert...
  5. Yes Elgato on both

    Yes Elgato on both
  6. the Mac converted file plays on the PC the same...

    the Mac converted file plays on the PC the same way: Crappy. So It is definitely files converted via Mac that are crappy. Used 4:3 and 16:9 same results. No matter which settings I use on Elgato all...
  7. 5K. But when the coverted PC file plays on the...

    5K. But when the coverted PC file plays on the Mac it looks fine. Its only when I convert it on the Mac. So what can I do to rectify this.

    - - - Updated - - -

    So do I need to lower my Mac...
  8. Elgato Movies Look great on PC but Terrible on my iMac? Why?

    So I have been experimenting to try and find why my converted Elgato videos look like garbage on my iMac. 2018 27" 3.8 GHZ.
    So I went ahead and converted the same footage on my PC and it looks...
  9. In Gato Automatic is H.264 which is what it is...

    In Gato Automatic is H.264 which is what it is converting it too. But It does not look as good as what is playing in the ElGato window. Is there an item or program or tool that just transfers...
  10. OK so evidently it has nothing to do with iMovie....

    OK so evidently it has nothing to do with iMovie. So the problem is thus. While the video is playing and Elgato is recording it looks great but once I finish and Elgato drops it to an MP4 it looks...
  11. Well Elgato doesn't really offer much in...

    Well Elgato doesn't really offer much in settings. Format is set to automatic and tv standard is automatic.. I don't have the preserve source format checked I noticed as well. Besides auto which is...
  12. Importing Movies from ElGato to iMovie. Video quality on iMovie grainy.

    Hi. I have been importing HI8 and Digital 8 movies via SVideo using Elgato. I have noticed while the playback in the El Gato window looks great but once I drop it into iMovie the quality looks like...
  13. Anyway to run classic Mac OS and early so x games on Mojave?

    Just curious. I have a ton of old classic Mac games like return to castle wolf, myth, Warcraft, diablo, marathon just to name a few. I know I can run dos stuff thru boxer which works great. Anyway to...
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    iTunes Cleaner?

    I am looking for a program to clean my iTunes library by way of killing duplicate as well as retrieving album work. I realize some of these features you can do thru iTunes itself but I feel it is...
  15. Anybody use CDRB Softwares??

    Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum but wasnt sure where to post it. My wife is a graphic artist and wanted the Adobe Master suite for her new Imac. Well a friend of hers led her to CDRB...
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    RAM install question

    Hi. I have a brand new 2017 IMAC 3.8 27" and have not even powered it on yet. I have purchased 64G of Crucial RAM to remove the current 8G RAM in the machine and replace it with the 64G. My question...
  17. External optical drive for Imac recommendations?

    For 2017 27" 3.8 Imac. Any Recommendations?
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    Is this a fair price?

    Apple 15" MacBook Pro TouchBar 2.8GHz i7 16GB 256GB SSD MPTR2LL/A MPTU2LL/A
    2017 model
    Brand new in the box.

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    IMAC RAM upgrade question.

    Hi. As you all know I just got a 2017 3.8 27" Imac and am wanted to buy some RAM upgrades for it as it comes standard with 8G I assume. While I would like to go all out with 64G I cant afford that...
  20. Video Capture hardware software question.

    Hi everybody. I will soon be in the process of transferring all my Hi8/ VHS home movies to my imac. I have seen many capture devices on the market and wanted to get all your opinions on which ones...
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    Good place to buy memory?

    Need for Imac 27 3.8 2017?

    Any recommendations?
  22. No, its legit. Sealed in the box and still sealed...

    No, its legit. Sealed in the box and still sealed in its shipping box. I even confirmed the serial number and it was never registered . I opened both and it was brand new. It was from a trust or...
  23. Is this a Good price for an Imac?

    Brand new in box 2017 3.8, 2T, 8G Ram, 27"

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    Is this a good deal?

    MacBook-Air-13-2017-1-8GHz-i5-8GB-128GB-AppleCare-Microsoft-Office. Brand new in the box.

  25. Difference between a MacBook and and a macbook air?

    I am looking to get my daughter some sort of macbook or macbook air for christmas. She will be using it for college. I have no idea what the difference between a a reg macbook and the air version? I...
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