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  1. If new buy accessories are not working

    In my last post i told that i have a Bluetooth device and it is not working? but now it is working some times there are very small thing which we do not consider them important .So if any one facing...
  2. i find some solutions for your query if you need...

    i find some solutions for your query if you need some assistance for mac audio recording then check this article it might help you
  3. How we can do free web hosting on mac

    Can some one plz help me out about free web hosting on mac ? Plz if any one can explain by tutorials .
  4. Testing a web in different browsers

    If i am testing the web on different browsers but at the time of testing the browser are not supporting it correctly for eg safari so what should i do ?
  5. Quality control (qc) and quality assurance (qa) in web development

    Which feature have top priority in web development testing (qa) or (qc) ? If some one can guide me, and what is the basic difference in it according to web testing .
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    Testing of web development

    Some one can tell me that what best testing tools can be used in mac to test a web.
  7. Best web designing learning software

    If some one knows about the best web designing learning software so plz help me out .and kindly tell the name of the software and if any one can attach the videos tutorial or can send quality links...
  8. How to create a website on mac

    I am newly working on mac and want to create a web site on it. So if some one can help me out or can give me some tutorials which can help me
    to create a website on it so i will be very thank full.
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    Facing problem in new apple watch

    I have bought a new apple watch ,when i look at it to see the time some time the screen did not get active , even then i have to tap the screen some times to get it activated . Is their any function...
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    Backup data loss in apple

    In apple i am facing problem of my backup data . My backup data get loss ,why ? Am i performing something wrong that my backup data losses?
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    Mobile me application not working

    My mobile me application is not working ,can some one help me that what should i do so i can facilitate from this application.
  12. Issues facing in bluetooth device

    I am using i phone 7 when i connect it with my bluetooth device to receive call ,neither the voice is coming or neither the front person is getting my words what am i saying. I have also check my...
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