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  1. Good to hear. Apple said my post “wasn’t...

    Good to hear. Apple said my post “wasn’t constructive”. I’ll contruct a Samsung Galaxy into my hand...Just glad they had the decency to include my entire post in the email lol.
  2. No 60hz option for 3440x1440 ASUS MX34VQ monitor and other issues

    I recently tried using my Apple TV 4k on my 34" curved ASUS monitor and noticed that if I go to change the resolution to 3440x1440, it doesn't give me a 60hz option, but only 30hz. It is extremely...
  3. MacBook Pro turning on and off by itself. 2007 17" MacBook Pro A1229

    I recently had an issue where I was getting no response when using the power button. Not even a fan moved. This happened because I was stupidly using a shorted charger. The charger has since been...
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