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    iPhone / iPod ring-tone...
    I think it would be cool if the rumored iPhone had it's own very unique 'ring-tone'. It would have to be a distinguishable, very sophisticated, very cool ring tone that only the iPhone would have. The iPhone would not use or allow any other ring-tones to be used, downloaded, etc. It would be one of those cool, subtle sounds only Apple could come up with.

    With all the incredibly stupid-sounding, anoying ring-tones that some use, it would be really cool for the iPhone to be different even in a small way like this. It would be totally Apple to do it.

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    iPhone / iPod ring-tone...
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    Sounds like a nice idea, but pretty much any sound can be sampled and then played back on another phone. Also, any phone that didn't allow additional ring-tones would immediately be ignored by the teenage market (not necessarily a bad thing, but a marketing blunder).

    The killer app would be a phone, with a screen about twice the size of a current iPOD screen, 20 gigs of solid state storage, wi-fi connectivity to your Mac or straight to iTunes, weighing the same as a nano and running something looking like OS X... oh and costing less than $300.

    I'm just dreaming, but I'd buy one...
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    if it played one of the songs in your music collection as your ring-tone, that'd be great. you could just select which song you want to hear, and change it whenever, even according to your current mood.

    i like my idea. i'm glad i though of that!

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    iPhone / iPod ring-tone...
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    Ah yes i love the distinct apple ringtone idea- like the nokia one back in the day. Good plan! Although, i do like to have different ringtones for different people... and music is nice to hear as a ringtone sometimes.

    I have the samsung d807 which has an 'mp3 player' i dont use that, but you can use songs as your ringtones- although it has to be 600kb, which is the most annoying thing ever- i have to cut it on garageband and convert to mp3 in itunes then bluetooth it to my phone (works wtih most phones btw- free ringtones of any song you want!)

    Edit: If you watch the keynote the ringtone he uses i think would be the default apple one its pretty good.
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