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    How do I add Apple Card to my iTunes payment method?
    The only option it is giving me is Add Credit/Debit Card OR PayPal. There doesn't seem to be an option to ad Apple Card or Apple Cash??

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    How do I add Apple Card to my iTunes payment method?
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    According to Apple, you can add your Apple Card to Apple Pay and then use that as a payment method for iTunes. So it looks like a 2 step process. I do not own an Apple Card so I can't give you any more detail than that which Apple has published.

    I suggest giving Apple Customer Service a call if you have any other questions regarding using your Apple Card.

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    How do I add Apple Card to my iTunes payment method?
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    iTunes on your phone, Music/iTunes on your Mac? You need to provide more information.

    I've set my Apple Card as my default payment for my Apple ID and as such it is available as such wherever I am signed in like the App Store on my iPhone or Mac, iTunes store on iPhone or Music on Mac, ATV+ on both, etc.

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