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    Credit Karma
    I know some people donít like Credit Karma, but Iíve found it to be useful. For example, it notified me that I had been granted a mortgage in Los Angeles when no such thing had happened.

    Over the past few months every time I try to look at me credit score I get a message:

    Something went wrong.
    We're having some trouble loading this page right now.
    Please try again in a bit.

    This after a successful log in. I tried several times with different browsers on different platforms.

    So, I wrote them and received a typically useless first level support reply. After my inquiry got escalated I was asked if I was trying to access the site from abroad. I was. This was their reply:

    You may not be able to access Credit Karma from outside the U.S. because of certain changes weíre making for your security. Youíll still be able to access Credit Karma when youíre back in the U.S.
    It would have been helpful if the error message contained this information.

    Anyway, works fine with a US based VPN.

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    Credit Karma
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    Better of putting a credit freeze with the Big Three and that way nothing new can happen on your credit without your authorization. Also, Discover automatically includes a credit watch with every card.

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    Credit Karma
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    I've got free credit monitoring for several more years thanks to some idiot in the federal govt compromising millions of federal workers' personal information. He took a govt laptop home that had sensitive info on it which included the names and SSANs of federal employees. He then leaves the laptop in his auto and the auto gets broken into and the laptop was stolen.

    I always wondered if he was terminated but knowing how our govt works, he's probably still employed getting his automatic raises. Rant off.

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    Credit Karma
    Itís very difficult to deal with finance when you live abroad. US financial institutions donít want to deal with you because youíre not a US resident. In my case, Thai financial institutions are wary of doing business with non-citizens.

    More and more US forms are geo-restricting access to their web sites. Fidelity told me that since I had a non-US IP address I could not trade mutual funds online. (Individual stocks were OK.)

    Getting the erroneous mortgage off of my credit record took nearly two years because of the difficulty in dealing with "the big three" from abroad.

    And, yeah, I also qualify for the free credit monitoring as a result of the OPM data breach but I could never make it happen from here.

    One of the hazards of being an expat.

    There are advantages.

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    Credit Karma
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    Is this an example of rising sea levels due to global warming?

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    I used to be conceited but now I'm perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rod Sprague View Post
    Is this an example of rising sea levels due to global warming?

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